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Teaching Pastors Leaving Willow

Some breaking news for those who take interest in Willow Creek Community Church: Willow Creek Community Church loses two more pastors

With Teaching Pastor Mike Breaux leaving earlier, the departures of Randy Frazee and Gene Appel subtracts two more teaching pastors away from the Willow team – essentially leaving Bill Hybels by his lonesome (Nancy Beach does teach some but not nearly like the four men have). There is no question that these are big waves in a church which has influenced thousands of churches around the world (including mine).
I also know it’s easy to jump to conclusions (admittedly not good ones with these types of situations). It won’t take long for the blogosphere to be abuzz with empty speculation, unfounded judgment and “holier-than-thou” opinions before anything really is known – if there really is anything more. However, I would suggest praying for Willow (Hybels & Co.) during this season that God would be glorified through it all. Whether or not you’re a fan of Willow Creek (or the seeker-sensitive movement as a whole), I believe we would do well to intercede on behalf of a church which has held a very strategic place on the Evangelical stage.

Trying to withhold judgment and waiting (in hope) to see what happens,

Yancey Arrington
Dr. Yancey C. Arrington is an eighth generation Texan, Acts 29 Network and Houston Church Planting Network fan, and Teaching Pastor at Clear Creek Community Church in the Bay Area of Houston. He is also author of Preaching That Moves People and TAP: Defeating the Sins That Defeat You, and periodically writes for Acts 29 and The Gospel Coalition.

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