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Yes, it’s an all-caps kind of day. More than a year in the making, TAP: Defeating The Sins That Defeats You officially released today nationwide. I’m grateful to God for his gracious provision in it all and pray he would work mightily through the book.

You can see the book’s website at

Good news for all you Kindle owners. My new book Tap:Defeating The Sins That Defeat You has been released on Kindle today. You can order it here.

I can’t vouch for how well it translated digitally. That’s Amazon’s area. Nevertheless, it’s there for those who want it.

For all you “hard copy” folks there’s more to come…

Book Update

February 26, 2010 — 8 Comments

There isn’t a week that goes by where someone doesn’t ask me about what’s going on with my book. For those who don’t know, I have written a book entitled Tap (the working title was TapOut, but was recently changed so as not to infringe on current trademarks). Using the world of MMA as an analogy, Tap focuses on how followers of Jesus, heeding the Puritan (specifically John Owen) practice  of mortification, can consistently defeat sin in their life.

So, I thought I’d take some time to give everyone the latest…

Honestly, it’s been somewhat of a roller-coaster with its “ups” and “downs.” Tap has been before publishers, pastors, agents, editors and friends – and almost to a person has received high praise. In fact, maybe one of the most surprising things to me about Tap is the reception it’s gotten. This has been true across the board and has deeply pleased me. In fact, the reason Tap got before several publishers is because a well-respected theology professor and author, read my manuscript and liked enough that he personally recommended it to some senior editors he knew. Indeed, there were several times I felt moments away from signing a contract with a publisher.

Nevertheless, that hasn’t happened up to this point. Granted it sill might, as a few more publishers have recently asked for my manuscript. But if it doesn’t, I won’t be surprised. Why? The response from the industry has been fairly united. I’ve been told that while Tap‘s content is  sound, accessible, readable, etc., the analogy of MMA is one which mainstream publishers will shy away from. No matter that it’s the fastest growing sport in America for men ages 18-35 (the New York Times even did an article on MMA’s influence in evangelical circles), it’s simply too controversial for them. Add that to a competitive book market in which men aren’t the largest group of readers and you can see why Tap has its own battle “in the cage.”  And while it caused some disappointment, I can’t tell you how thankful I was for the gracious, honest assessment of both my book and the publishing industry (Thanks A.W.!).

I was thankful because I felt free to proceed with different publishing avenues. Even though in the last week two more publishers have asked for Tap, I am moving toward releasing the book fairly soon unless something develops quickly with those publishers.  For me, the book is done, I believe it will be incredibly helpful in the Christian’s fight against sin and am ready to work on new projects in the future.

So, here’s what has happened lately with Tap:

  1. Finalizing artwork and cover
  2. Outside editorial process should be completed within the next week
  3. Sent Tap to fellow pastors for theological, doctrinal reflection
  4. Distribute advance PDF copies of Tap for potential endorsements
  5. Mock up website for Tap
  6. Formatting master manuscript for publishing

There you go. Maybe over the next few days I’ll post the cover and other tidbits of Tap. For the scores each week who keep asking about the book, thanks for thinking about me. I hope this post helps shed a little light on the latest.